What is Backlink And How to Create Backlink For Website/Blog

Hello friends, in this post I will tell you what is backlink and how to create high quality for your website or blog in an easy way. Every new blogger who are struggling to rank their blogs high in Google search result and get some traffic might have heard about making backlink for their website.

Backlink is a very important for blog as it help to increase blog traffic and ranking, so it is very important to know about creating high quality backlink in a correct way. 

What is Backlink?

Backling is a widely used keyword in the field of SEO. As the word refers “back + link” means connecting one website to another website by including the link of one website in the post of another website. Backlink helps the Google to understand the importance of blog. More the backlink higher the chances of ranking in search engine results.

What are High Quality Backlinks?

When a website with high domain authority and page authority include/connect the link of any new website in their webpage or post then such backlinks are called high quality backlinks.
Google gives priority to only high quality backilnks and if the backilink is created through any low quality website that is ranked no were then it will be considered as spam and your blog can be penalised as a result of which blog can be ignored by Google Search Engine Result.

Types of Backlinks:

There are 2 types of backlinks and both are important in term of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Do Follow Backlinks:

Do Follow Backlinks are those links that are included or used in the post of others website from which you supposed to get the backlink or link juice.
If we click on any link and a new window opens of another website by clicking on that particular link then such links are called Do Follow Backilinks.
These links are created by using rel=”dofollow” tag. These are very important backlinks that helps the blog post or website to rank higher on Search Engine Result.

No Follow Backlinks:

 No Follow Backlinks, are not important because they do not help in ranking of website in any way.

These links are created just to save our website from being penalised by Google. When we create do follow backlink then we must also create no follow backlinks in order to balance it so that Google thinks that the backlinks are generated naturally and there is no spamming.

How to Make a High Quality Backlink for Blog or Website

Backlinks are very easy to create but when we talk about a quality backlink then it becomes very hard. Below are few tips that will help you to build a quality backlink for your blog and rank your post faster.

  1. By writing a high quality post and including the link in that post.
  2. Search for a blog that is similar to your blog niche and comment links in the comment box of others website. This also helps in bringing some traffic to your blog since few people love reading comments.
  3. The best method to get high quality backlink is by doing guest blogging. There are many famous websites that provides the section of guest blogging and if we write a high quality blog post for them then I am sure your guest blog will be approved and you will get high quality backling from that website.
  4. Another best method for creating high quality backlink is by doing web directory submission. There are many website available on internet that provides free web directory submission. Some famous website that ask for reciprocal link for web submission they are also free and more secure.

How Backlink Works

Let us consider an example that there a website www.xyz.com that is newly created and is not ranked on Google but this website is very helpful. If a website is very helpful and genuine then some news website or any other famous blog website might write a post about that website and include the link in their post for the convenience of the reader. 
When reader while reading the post visit www.xyz.com website then Google keep tracks on the www.xyz.com website that from where this website is receiving the traffic and when it finds that this website is receiving the traffic from such a high DA PA website then it ranks the website in Google Search Result so that people searching for the website can easily visit it.

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