How to Create Sitemap For Blogger or Website

Creating a blog and publishing post everyday will not help to boost site ranking in the world of Google until some advanced SEO is implemented on the website. Sitemap is among one of these advanced SEO techniques that helps the Google to understand the website in more better and easy way. 

In this post you will learn about what is sitemap, how to create sitemap for your blog or website for free and how to submit sitemap file to Google Search Engine. 

What is Sitemap?

As the name itself refers Site + Map means the map of the entire website. Generally sitemap is an XML file that contains links of all the pages and post present on the site. These links are organised in the <url></url> tag.  These tags further contains tags that tell the search engines about the last time when the post was modified and the priority of the post that help in positioning the post on the search result page.

Sitemap is similar to index that we see in books, like in books we have index that contains only chapter heading and page no. similarly the sitemap also contains the link of the post instead of entire post. This helps search engine to understand the structure of the website in precise manner.

How Sitemap Works?

When anyone search for something on Google, then instead of reading the entire post, the search engine bots go through these sitemap links and show the same link in the search result in this way time for searching is reduced to great extent. 

Search engines only store the links present in the sitemap where as entire post is stored in the web hosting.
When exact URL of any website is searched on Google then how the page or post of that particular website must be structured and displayed on the search result is decided by sitemap only.

All these depends upon the what pages and post are currently present on the website, what changes are done in the particular post or page and crawl them accordingly .

How To Generate Free Sitemap For Blog or Website

To create free XML sitemap for your site you need to follow below steps:

  • Next enter your website URL in the box below the create site map section and press on Start Button.
  • Wait while the site is being crawled and the sitemap is generated. Then you will get 
  • Next click on view sitemap details and then download your XML sitemap file on your device.

How to Submit Sitemap To Google

Adding sitemap to Google is very easy but before that you need to create Google Search Console account and verify the ownership of your site on search console, then only you can submit your sitemap to Google.

Follow below steps to add your sitemap URL in Google Search Console
  1. Once the sitemap is created and saved in the device the next step is to upload the sitemap file in the root folder of your hosting.
  2. Login into hosting account >> go to file manager >> and open public folder where all the files of website are stored.
  3. Upload the XML file in the root folder of the domain (file manager).
  4. Make sure that the file name is not changed it must be sitemap.xml and it can be easily accessed through
  5. Now the next step is submitting the sitemap to Google Search Console and confirm it.
  6. For this Login into your Google Search Console account where the website is verified.
  7. Next, under the index section click on Sitemaps option given in the left side of menu bar.
  8. Then you will be asked to add the sitemap.

     9. Now submit your sitemap link in the box and click on submit.

    10.Wait for few minutes for the Google to crawl your URL and refresh the page.

    11.You will see the sitemap has successfully submitted message below in green colour. 
         Congratulation you have successfully submitted your sitemap to Google.

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