How to Create Gmail Account

Making email ID has now became very popular since it has many uses in our day to day life. In this post I will tell you how to create Gmail account in an easy step.

There are many companies that provide e-mail services but the best services are provided by Google whose e-mail services are popularly known as Gmail.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a most popular free email service that is offered by Google. Gmail is used to send and receive mails from one person to another. Gmail is mostly used as a standard way of sending and receiving delicate and important messages especially used by company or in business.

 However Gmail is now used in every smart phone weather we have android device or IOS device. Whenever we buy a new mobile the first step is to connect our new device with gmail account and if we fail to do so then lot of the service such as Youtube, Email, Playstore etc.  are restricted until we create a new gmail account or connect our phone with an existing gmail id.

The Gmail is not restricted up to smart devices but it is also widely used in registration of any type such as school, colleges, railways, websites etc. for latest updates.

Benefits of Gmail Account ?

You might be thinking that if anyone wants to send or receive a messages then it can be also possible through text or WhatsApp but why do all big organization or business prefers mails. The main reason behind this is security.  Email protocol uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which is used to send and receive messages across the internet. All messages sent through mails are encrypted end to end so there is no way of leakage of your data in any way. This is the only benefit of Gmail.

The other important benefit is that it keep your data safe for example if you lost your contacts or messages from your smart phone then you can sync the contact from the mail again since it allows the facility of saving contact on gmail. Moreover if the phone is lost or theft then you can easily keep track your phone if your phone is using the Gmail services ad connected to the internet.

There are still many services that provides security to your data that’s why creating Gmail account has now became very important for everyone.

How to Make Gmail Account?

To create free gmail id  follow below simple steps:

1. At first visit or simply search “GMAIL” on Google on your mobile phone or computer and open the first website of search result.

2. When is opened, next click on “Create Account”. There will be two options viz. “For Myself” or ”For Business”. If you are creating Gmail account for personal use then select myself and if you are creating Gmail for business or commercial purpose then select for Business option.

3. Now you will be asked to enter you details like Name, Birthday, gender etc.

4. Fill all the details correctly and carefully since these information are important in case of recovery of Gmail id when the access to Gmail is lost due to forgot password.

5. Choose Gmail id username which must be unique and easy to remember like

6. Create a strong password for Gmail. A strong password is always a combination of alphabet, numeric and a special character.

7. Now click on next button.

8. A new page will appear where you will need to enter your phone number. This phone number is used in recovery of your account if you forget your password. This phone number is also used as an identity or alternate username for during sign in.

9. After entering phone you need to verify the number by submitting the OTP sent to the given number.

10. Finally your email is ready you just have to read and accept the agreements provided by Google and click on “Accept Agreement” to finish the process.

11. Congratulation your Gmail account is ready to use. You just need to sign in again using username password and access all the product of Google using this Gmail Id.

Thank you for reading this post, if you have any problem while creating Gmail account let me know in the comment and I will solve your problem as soon as possible.  Don’t forget to share this post with your friend and family.

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