What is SEO and How to Rank Website Using SEO

SEO is a very common word in the field of blogging. SEO is considered as the backbone of any website or blog without which website cannot be ranked in any search engine and hence it is very important to learn what SEO is and what are techniques required for building good SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a collection of techniques and strategies that is required to be implemented on the website to rank higher in Google and other search engines.
There are also various other methods to rank higher in search engine result such as paid traffic through advertisement but these methods are for short term and soon as the advertisement stops the website get backs to original position. Such types of traffic are called inorganic traffic. The traffic that comes to website originally through SEO are called organic traffic.

Why To Do SEO?

In 2019 SEO has became very important factor for any website to rank higher since in today’s digital world almost every day thousand of websites and blog are uploaded on internet and to rank website among these many crowd is very difficult. In this situation the only free and working technology to rank higher in Google is SEO.

SEO is required to rank higher in search result so that more and more traffic can be driven to the website which increases user engagement and income of the blog either through Affiliate marketing or showing ads on website.

Important Terms Related To SEO

Before implementing SEO we must understand some important terms related to it so that it will become easy to apply search engine optimization on website or blog


Website rank is the most important factor in field of SEO. Volume of traffic depends upon the rank of website. For example if a website is ranking on #1 position on certain keyword and it gets daily traffic of 1K then another website having #2 position on same keyword will get 500 of traffic. As the rank of website decreases, traffic also decreases.

Factors Affecting Ranking of Website :

Loading Speed
Quality Content
Title and Description Optimization
Image Optimization
Use of different types of HTML tags
Search Engine Friendly URL etc.


Keywords are specific words that are included in the blog post on which website rank. It is very important ranking factor.

Organic Traffic

Traffic that are generated from search engine result through SEO is called organic traffic.

Inorganic Traffic

Traffic that is generated by paying through different types of advertisement is called inorganic traffic.


Sitemaps are XML files that contain the entire structure of the website along with priority of web pages.


Crawling means reading each and every content of the website. Crawling are performed by Google bots that help search engine in understanding the content of the website.


A website is said to be responsive if it is compatible in all devices such as computer, tablet and mobile.


When any new webpage is created and uploaded on internet then search engine index those web pages to include into their database, this process is known as indexing.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

On Page SEO

On page SEO is used for optimizing web pages of website. In this we optimize images using alt tags, make proper use of title and description tags, make use of strong and bold tags etc. All we do is include all SEO techniques while writing contents.

On Page SEO Techniques


It is very important to use attractive and appealing title that encourages user to click on your website.  It is also very important to include the target keyword in our title this is best technique to rank high in search engine result.


It is used to display short details of website on the search result page. Including keywords in description is also important ranking factor.

Quality Content

Quality content is considered as the king of SEO. While writing content it is very important to include images and write descriptive long post that covers almost everything about the topic that you are writing. Google gives more priority to such types of websites.

Use of Different types of Tags

While writing post we must keep in mind to include all possible keywords in different types of tags. The target keyword should be included in H1, Strong, Italic and Bold tags. It is also widely used good SEO practice.

Image optimization

Image optimization means that the image used in website should be of less size, this helps in loading website faster. Renaming images with the keyword before uploading and adding alt tag helps search engine to understand about images.  This help in ranking pictures in image search result.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is yet another powerful tool in which keywords are modified with outbound as well as inbound links.


We should keep permalinks of post readable that can be easily understandable. For example you are writing post on “best hotels in delhi” then your permalink should look something like this best-hotels-in-delhi.html

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO includes factors other than webpage optimization techniques like link building, social sharing etc.

Off Page SEO Techniques


We must create high quality backlinks for new created post from good websites. It is like a reputation of website. More number of backlinks increases the chance of ranking higher. It can be build by writing guest post on high domain authority website and including blog link in the guest post.

Social Media

Social media is crowded by audience from where we can get good traffic by posting links in Facebook groups , Reddit groups and other social media platforms.

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