How to Unlock Android Device by Voice

Android is the smartest operating system software present in almost every smart phone. It is very easy to use and it provides security for out data. Security is the primary requirement of every smart phone. There are lot of ways we can secure our phone by keeping it lock so that nobody can use it without permission.
Sometime we need unlock our phone urgently while our both hands are busy in such cases anyone can unlock smart phone using his/her voice.

Benefits of Voice Unlock

Voice unlock helps to open lock of our phone without touching it physically. It is very helpful while we are driving car and suddenly we need to call someone then we can easily command our phone to open and call someone by taking name saved in contact.

How to Set Up Voice Unlock Feature in Any Smart Phone

1. First open mobile setting option.

2. Now go to security option.

3. In the security field just select ‘Smart Lock’ option.

4. Next it will ask you confirm the phone lock.

5. After opening phone lock you can see the option of “Voice Match”.

6. Select it and proceed. A new window will appear with lot of option among which select “Access        with Voice Match”.

7. Now you will asked to activate “Ok Google” by clicking on agree button and confirm you voice          match at least 3 times.

Congratulation you have successfully activated voice unlock feature in your smart phone.

Note:  Above steps are performed in MI A1 phone. Ways to set up voice unlock feature vary from Phone to Phone.


Other Methods to Unlock Android Phone

Pattern Lock

In this type of lock total 9 dots can be seen on the lock screen arranged in 3 into 3 square fashions. At first pattern is drawn and specified and saved in the mobile. Whenever anyone tries to open the phone it will ask for pattern and if pattern matches the saved one then phone will unlock.

Pin Password

In this type of lock a password is set up which is used to open the lock. The password can be either 4 digit pin or name or number.

Face Recognition

This lock is based on artificial intelligent and comes in costly smart phones. The best face recognition technique comes in Apple I-phone. In such type of lock, at first we need to scan our face at different angle and save the setting. Now if anyone tries to unlock the phone it will ask to look at camera and if the face matches the recorded face during setting then it will unlock the phone else not.

Fingerprint Lock

This is the most popular phone lock feature present in almost every smart phone. The reason behind the popularity of such type of lock is because it is very fast and accurate, as soon as we put our finger on the sensor phone quickly unlocks.
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