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Ranking videos on Youtube has now become very difficult because Youtube has become very big platform for creators to make and videos and earn money from it. Since there is lot of competition in every category in such situation we need good Youtube SEO so that our videos can rank high and get better traffic which will ultimately increase our audience in the form of subscriber and help us to earn better revenue.

What is Youtube SEO?

Youtube SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method to rank videos higher in Youtube search engine result. It is similar to website SEO in which we target certain keywords to rank higer on Google search engine result similarly Youtube SEO also helps in making our video appear on top of the result even the video can also rank on Google.
 A good SEO helps in making video viral on Youtube and if the video is super hit (that is video get lot of views in less time) then it can also show on trending pages which will help to grow your channel faster.

How to do Youtube SEO?

In this post you will get detail on how to properly use keywords, title, tags and description so that your videos can rank higher on Google.
There are lot of factors that affect Youtube videos ranking which we will see step by step
Unique Content: Always remember people love to watch unique content. If you download videos from Youtube and then upload it again then your video will be considered as duplicate and it will not rank anywhere. You should be own creator of your video. Try to videos on fresh topic that is not or rarely present on Youtube. Such type of videos gets higher audience attractions.
If you create your own content you know well about your videos so you have lot to write about it in description of your videos more you will never get any type of copyright notice due to which your channel will be always in good condition and Youtube promotes such types of channels by suggesting your videos on related topics.

Keyword Research

Before doing Youtube SEO we must be aware of the keywords like which keyword we need to target, what keyword people search and have less competition also what are long tails keywords that people use to search along with target keywords.
For Keyword research make use of Youtube autosuggest feature and Google Adwords. These are free tools and accurate.

Video Raw File Name

Before uploading video make sure that you rename the raw file name with you keyword. For example if you have created video about Yotube SEO then make the file name as “youtube-seo.mp4”. This helps Youtube to understand about which topic your video is based on.

Video Title

This is the most important factor affecting SEO. About 80% of your SEO is based on this factor. You must include all the research keywords in your title separating each keyword by “|” symbol.

Video Description

Video description is yet another important factor affecting video ranking. Always include the keyword in the starting of the description. Give a brief description about your video including all long and short tails keywords. It is very important to include website link to your description and also write an appeal in the description asking the viewers to subscribe to your Youtbe channel.

Video Tags

Tags are very important for video ranking since tags decide position of your video in Youtube search engine and indicate the Youtube that which type of video is this. Video Tags help in suggesting your videos below the related videos that user is watching.
 Your video tags must be the keywords that people often search related to your videos. Make sure you use same keywords in title, description and tags.


Thumbnails should be attractive so that viewer is forced to click on video. You must also include keywords in thumbnail since Youtube algorithms uses image processing to read text on the thumbnail to understand the video properly.

Watch Time & CTR

If your video is hanging on 10th position of the search engine result then the only factor that can bring your video to #1 position is the watch time and CTR. CTR stands for click through rate. Video with higher CTR and long watch time is brought to top of the search engine result.
Watch time of the video is only increased if your video is having great and engaging content.

Audience Retention

Audience retention describes the interest of the viewer in your video. If you video is half watched then it will affect your ranking badly, therefore try to impress and make your content as such that viewer watch your video tell end and this will help you grow faster on Youtube.

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