How to Connect Computer with Internet Using USB Tethering

Hello friends in this post I will tell you how to connect your PC, Computers or laptops from mobile internet without opening hotspot using USB cable.

Mobiles phones have became smarter day by day along with new updates in Android but sometimes people face issues on how to share their mobile 3G or 4G data with a computer so that they can work on computer if there is no other option.

What is USB Tethering?

One of the latest features of Android is that now we can connect our computers to internet through mobile by just using USB cable. In this case connecting internet through USB cable is known as USB tethering and connecting internet via Bluetooth is known as Bluetooth tethering.

How to Open USB Tethering in Mobile Phone?

If you want to connect your computer with internet without opening hotspot then at first we need USB cable. A USB is a type of cable that is used to charge your mobile phone and it is also used to transfer data between computers.

  1. At first connect your mobile phone with computer using USB cable. As soon as mobile is connected a pop up will appear on the computer screen.
  2. If you cannot find your device on computer make sure that USB you are using is working correctly or try to change it.
  3. Next open your mobile and go to phone setting and then search for “Mobile Hotspot & Tethering” option.
  4. Click on that option and open the “USB Tethering” button.
  5. You are now connected with internet. Open any browser and check it to confirm.

Benefits of USB Tethering

The major advantage of this feature is that it does require any user name or password to connect we can simply connect it using USB cable and then simply opening the USB tethering option.
More if you open your mobile hotspot then battery will discharge fast on the other hand connecting USB with computer not only helps to run internet but also charges your mobile simultaneously.
Last but not the least this feature provides fast internet connection speed.

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